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Justine Musk

i was told there'd be cupcakes


My friends Nia and Sebastian got married before I met them, and I regret that I missed their wedding.  It had a space theme.  The wedding cake was shaped like a planet.  At their anniversary dinner last Friday night, a close friend handed out cupcakes shaped like planets in honor of their cosmic union.

What is this city's obsession with gourmet cupcakes?  Bakeries around here are like heads of the hydra. Close one down, and two would spring back in its place. Given the population's ambivalent attitude toward carbs -- or even eating -- it's impressive. 

The dinner was held at a restaurant in a hotel in West Hollywood.  "What's the dress code?" I asked a friend.

"Given the location, I'd say Hollywood trashy glam."

"Oh, good!  It's been so long since I've done Hollywood trashy glam!"

Except we're all grown-ups now, with kids, entering early middle age.  Now we wear blazers.


Every year my artist friend Chase holds an art show at his house in West Hollywood.  It's a charming house that works well as a DIY art gallery, with a deck out back that overlooks the hills. People milled through the rooms and hall and lingered out on the deck, drinking champagne and eating cookies from La Brea Bakery. I eyed one little painting in particular and spoke to Chase about a magazine article I want to write.  I am still looking for my central subjects: an attractive professional progressive couple, preferably married, who have opened up their relationship to include other people and would be willing to speak about their experiences and be photographed in a national magazine. 

(In my experiences so far, the men are happy and willing to do this.  The women?  Not so much.)

Chase had a couple in mind, but I had to leave before I could meet them.  Drat the luck.  

posing with the artist


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